Extreme Adventure, Stunts & Rigging SAG/AFTRA


 Independent Adventure Films: 

Autana (Posing Productions)
Role: Cosmic quest to the top of a remote mountain in Venezuela

The Asgard Project (Posing Productions)
Award winning documentary of a quest to free climb Mt Asgard on Baffin Island Canada, then BASE jump from the summit
Role:  Climber/BASE jumper

Patagonia Promise (National Geographic Adventure/Sender Films)
Award winning segment of six-part series
Role:  Climber, BASE jumper, Highwire walking Argentine Patagonia/ Brazil

Race For the Nose (Sender Films) Role: Climber

Masters of stone 6 (Perlman Productions)
Role:  Speed-free soloing in Yosemite


Climbing/BASE jumping highlights:

•    Multiple speed records in Yosemite

•    First ascents in Patagonia, Baffin Island, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, USA,  SE Asia

•    First “para-alpine style” free climbing linkup of Half Dome and El Capitan in under 24 hours, Yosemite (2008)

•    Three grade VI El Capitan routes in under 24 hours (2010)

•    First Free Ascent Torre Central, Chile

•    First wingsuit descent El Mocho, Argentina

•    First wingsuit descent Mt Asgard, Baffin Island, Canada

•    2010 Speed record, Nose route, El Capitan (2:36)

•    Speed record, Salathe wall (4:55), followed by Nose route in same day

•    Car to car speed solo records of Sawtooth range and Minaret range, Sierra Nevada

•    70+ ascents of El Capitan, Yosemite, California

Many big wall free and speed ascents




SHOW                     ROLE                       STUNT COORDINATOR

•    Leverage         Climbing Consultant                       Kevin Jackson

•    Leverage         Stunts – Bobby, fall                          Kevin Jackson

•    Leverage         Nate Dbl Timothy Hutton               Kevin Jackson

•    Leverage         Stunts – Security Guard, fight        Kevin Jackson

•    Leverage         Rigging/Descender                          Kevin Jackson

•    Grimm            Barry Dbl                                              Matt Taylor

•    Grimm             Rigging/Safety                                  Matt Taylor

•    Mtn Dew         Rigging/human dogsled team     Charlie Croughwell


Lead Rigger, Cablecam, Inc.   www.cablecam.com

•    Developed and innovated rigging technology for aerial camera systems now widely used for live coverage, features, and  commercials

•    Provided live shots for NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox Sports, NFL network, TV Globo, CNN, CTV, TNT

•    Live coverage of sport events including 8 NFL seasons, 4 superbowls, World Track and Field finals 2007 (Osaka, Japan), 8 Grey Cups, 2008 and 2010 Olympics, Beach soccer finals 2005 (Rio Janeiro, Brazil), FIFA games in Brazil, France, and South Africa

•    Commercials including Mountain Dew, American Express, Dunkin Donuts

•    Special events including Carnival (Rio de Janeiro), Paul McCartney, Live 8 –Toronto, Election night (2004) NYC,  Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Academy Awards (2005-2007), MTV music awards (2004), Kremlin Zoria Parade – Moscow (2007)

Lead Rigger, ACS France www.aerial-france.fr

•    Trained crew in use of Cablecam style systems

•    Rigged for various European television events/commercials